Sportsgirl Tag

So I’ve been tagged by gorgeous Dajana of Le Flassh to answer a few questions…

1. What are you wearing right now?

To be honest I’m in my comfy sweatpants right now slowly getting ready for work but in the last few days I’ve been living in my floral dress + white denim jacket + floral docs/leather sandals combo. Oh yeah, and lots of rings.

2. Post a picture that means summer to you.

I like this one because water fights are always fun!
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3. What tracks are essential to your summer play list?

Stuff by Coconut records, The Decemberists & Vampire Weekend.

4. What is your fave piece of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collection?

You have to give me time to decide on that one :)

5. Describe your perfect summer.

Thrifting, passion fruit gelati, beach, sketching, exploring new places & good company.