heavy metal

studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-5studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-1 studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-2 studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-3 studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-4 studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-6 studded-hearts-alys-hale-zac-handley-oyster-7

via Oyster

Ph: Zac Handley, Fashion: Elle Packham, Hair: Rae Boriboun, Makeup: Nancy Sea Siler, Model: Alys Hale

 What an awesome shoot.

  • moni

    she’s so cool! love your blog

  • in love with this. amazing.

  • perfection. the dinosaur braid (that’s what it looks like to me anyway) is effing cool.

  • LizaChloe

    Omg, this is ba-na-nas. Love, love love.