Crystal + Snake

Christian Louboutin Swarovski crystal-embellished snake sandalsChristian Louboutin Swarovski crystal-embellished snake sandalsI love simple but sometimes crazy is awesome… I mean this pair by Christian Louboutin would have to be the mother of all heels.

Available at Net-A-Porter but be prepared for the heart attack upon seeing the price tag.

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  • http://mymorningstarship.blogspot.com/ my morning starship

    Never thought I’d say this about a pair of Louboutins but LOVE these! Space iguana chic? Into it. 

  • http://stylehostess.blogspot.com.au/ Catherine Liem

    i did…get a heart jolt.. it’s crushingly pretty though!! the blue crystal detailing is purely splendid ♥


  • Aleena Bridge

    Wow, wow, wow. Oh to have those in the shoe cupboard…..

  • Lilylovelock

    I’m with you on the simple, but these…these I could go crazy for. I’ll admit I don’t wanna check out the price and ruin my outfit plans made out in my head, haha!


  • Sarainstyles.femelle.no

    So nice!!

  • Louise Lam

    Gorgeous heels!! They remind me more of a dragon than a snake cause of the crystals. But these seriously look stunning


  • Amalie Espeland