Europe Trip through Instagram

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I’m back home after spending a few weeks in Europe, which almost feels like a trip that never happened. Experienced so many things in such a short amount of time. Being on the other side of the world, seeing things that don’t exist in my world and meeting people that don’t live in my world, it was an eye opener.

I’ve taken thousands and thousands of photos while being in 5 different countries and will slowly share them with you as I filter through them but thought it’d be fun to share photos that I posted on instagram throughout the trip.

My travel was amazing but I must say it feels amazing to be back home just in time to enjoy the last few days of summer, eat some home cooked meals and to have access to my closet!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

Yenny xx

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  • Desiree Choo

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  • Louise
  • Cam

    Which country do you prefer ?

    From a french girl…

    • Yenny

      Gosh I loved all! And of course France was amazing! I stayed in Tours and Paris which I definitely would love to return for a longer stay x

  • Superfantastic Acid

    so beautiful!!!!!

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    Really gorgeous photos – love the effects/graphics :)

  • great shots! i ll be in paris soon too:)

    • Yenny

      Paris is amazing! Hope you enjoy x

      • its’ not the first time, so i wont be in a tourist mood :D i ll try to enjoy the true parisian life:) 

  • sabrina_rbd_dul

    So beautiful!

  • Isa

    Your trip looks INCREDIBLE! I’m so jealous!

  • carolina_bin

    London, Paris.. Italy!
    All the places I love!
    Great trip and Instagram pics Xx

  • Reina

    These are an absolute dream. Absolutely stunning photographs. My favorite one is the one in Venice (?) where the bird is in flight and slightly blurry but the water and the boats are crystal clear. Ahhh I am quite nostalgic for Europe. Thanks for these! And I hope you post a boatload more!

    • Yenny

      That was actually a very scary moment because the bird swooped over my head from behind haha. Definitely boatloads more to come! x

  • B.

    Wow! Absolutely stunning even through instagram! Completely envious of your trip;) Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • XxEDxX


  • Breanne

    Love these photos!! They’re amazing x

  • Annika

    I see London, Paris, Prague, Rome and Venice but the last ones? Schwitzerland? Awesome trip!

    • Yenny

      Yep it’s Switzerland! An amazing few weeks it was. x

  • Daniela

    I can breathe the air of every city you visited, your pictures are amazing. Instagram is a great way to frame realities. What did you think about Florence? Is it one of the most beautiful cities of the world? :)

    • Yenny

      I enjoyed Florence so much! I loved wandering through every little corner and although I haven’t done that much travelling it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. Would be amazing to go during the Summer and stay a little longer. x

  • Camille Beygui

    Beautiful pictures


  • Nyrha

    Beautiful photos!!

  • Anna Black

    Amazing pictures, Paris looks beautiful, I’m so jealous! haha

  • These photos are wonderful! Reminds me that I need to collate my own photos. 

    I particularly like your Florence ones :) it’s just such a beautiful little city (being filled with beautiful leathercraft helps). 


    • Yenny

      Thank you! Florence is so beautiful. It’s hard to take a bad photo of the place :)

  • Fabliha Reza

    Your insta shots while you were in Europe were all so breath-taking! I know exactly what you mean – being away at such an amazing place is overwhelming but so amazing! I can’t wait to see more pictures xxx

    • Yenny

      Thanks lovely! xx

  • Litathefarmer

    pretty pictures! can i ask which parts of switzerland did you go? i’m in the midst of planning my europe trip for the summer and your photos make me even more excited for it!

  • 4stylishcherries

    amazing pictures! congrats*

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