hawaiian coconut

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Hawaiian Coconut is by Emily Faulstich, one half of the Wildfox Couture duo. I first discovered this beautiful blog through Oracle Fox and for some reason completely forgot about it until last week. Trolled through the entire blog and had to stop myself from right click saving everything! Hope Emily’s beautiful photos make your week a little bit sunnier!


  • Lissis

    I love her blog!

    She just started following my tumblr, and I was like OMG OMG.. that makes me so happy. Haha.



  • Thara Vidyaratne

    This post has lit up my day – amazing photography, thank-you for sharing it with us! I am now following Emily’s tumblr :)

    Thara from Moss & Stone xx

  • Shirley

    Her photography is amazing! Unfortunately she has left Wildfox :(

    • Yenny

      Oh has she? I did not know!

  • Amazing post. All these photos makes me want to be on holidays at a resort.

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

  • Very beautiful photos! Wish I was there!


  • Lady Vintage

    Loved everything!

  • Mara

    Great post! I love Emily’s photographs, they’re really inspirational and she takes pics at amazing places, looks like paradise to me. And I also love all the little things like make up, books, casettes or clothes that she captures. I did a post about her tumblr a few months ago: http://daughterofsohoriots.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/hawaiian-coconut.html



  • Slimbykings

    It seriously makes you dream!

  • Charlotte

    Amazing post ! I didn’t know about this blog, thank’s for sharing !


  • Anna Black

    Wow it looks truly beautiful there, what an amazing place, thanks for sharing!


  • Lidia & Aleksandra

    Oh dear, this truly does look so dreamy… Can’t imagine living like that !! The pics are absolutely amazing !!


    Lidia & Aleksandra

    of Make It Doublee

  • C

    You captured her blog perfectly!! Her photos are a dream- loved escaping into her world. Thanks for sharing!


  • mckenzie.collins

    All these photos are just beautiful! They definitely do make you dream a little more :)


  • What a lovely tumblr, love the pics that you chose. Definitely brightened our Monday!


  • Kelley B

    Currently trying to make this blog post MY LIFE! Beautiful!


  • Babyshrigs


  • glorialou

    this is probably the greatest blog post i have ever seen

  • So great! I love the free spirit and girly style on her photos.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Such a beautiful sequence. Take us back to summer please!

  • jenny

    i really love it. so inspirational!


  • Mariana

    How stunning! It all looks so effortless, absolutely love her blog.

    x Mariana | http://www.goingteen.blogspot.com

  • OMG That’s So Fetch

    This blog post is just gorgeous Omg

  • Grace

    What genre/title would you give this style of Photography?

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