Inspiration4 Inspiration5Inspiration5-001Inspiration6 city Daphne Groenveld daul kim doodle on her back German designer Karl Lagerfeld (L) ackno fit for print 2013 - tallulah morton by herring & herring 1-001 fit for print 2013 - tallulah morton by herring & herring 2 fit for print 2013 - tallulah morton by herring & herring 4 freja beha erichsen float tattoo Inspiration black drape Inspiration6 inspo kiko legs out Lina Zhang by Yin Chao (The Gentle Woman - Harper's Bazaar China April 2013) lofficiel italia february 2013 long hair buried inMarie Claire Netherlands May 2013 - Marlijn Hosk by Carmen Kemmink mexico natasha poly open shower painted skull pierced ear pink hair Recently Updated1 Recently Updated2 Recently Updated3 smudged v mag 83 summer 2013 - Olivia Wilde by Collier Schorr 2 Vogue China May 2013 - Irene Hiemstra & Katya Riabinkina by Lachlan Bailey 4 vogue uk - julia hafstrom by emma tempest 2 weaved hair white bedroom white platform heels white sand wolf pack yesterday you said tomorrow

Source: Visual Optimism, Wolfcub, various tumblrs, Pinterest

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I’ve been living like a zombie going back and forth between uni and home cramming for tests. Did my usual round on my favourite blogs and sites and after getting my dose of visual stimulation I feel alive.


  • Obsessed with all your inspos!

    Tobruckave Blog

  • Babyshrigs

    So solid!

  • Charlotte

    So good!

  • Domonique

    Oh my god…how epic is Tallulah here? Great collection :)


  • so good it matches the title so well ♥
    all the best for the tests too Yenny =)

  • What are the black boots called? The ones on the skateboard

  • filippa

    You should get tumblr! Or maybe you already got that? If so, please tell your url in a post here :) x

  • Crystallgraphy

    love that nike add. so, so good.

  • Amalie Espeland

    ahhh this is so pretty!! i want to dye the tips of my hair pink this summerr x

  • tiana

    where is the beige dress on the 7th pic from the bottom from? :)

    • It’s by Bottega Veneta. Not sure if it would still be available as it’s from last year.

  • Carol

    I love the earrings a few pictures up. Can you tell me how to purchase.

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