Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.2Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013 Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.4 Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.7 Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.1Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.8 Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.9 Miranda-Kerr-Vogue-Korea-July-2013.12Source: Oracle Fox

Vogue Korea July 2013
Ph: Eric Guillemain, Model: Miranda Kerr

I love picking up magazines at the airport of the country I’m visiting. Definitely going to have to grab Vogue Korea while I’m over in Korea next month!

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