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Maja Wyh, another superb blog discovery courtesy of pinterest. So much style inspiration from this lady. She’s so good at layering and don’t even get me started on her hair.

You can head to her blog here and get ready to start some mad pinning, right-click saving or both.

  • Jessica Rose

    Don’t even get me started on the hair….like DITTO!! I know….., great style,great figure….and great hair….that is such a triple threat!!

  • Not joining this bandwagon

    This is the one thing I hate about the blogosphere and the fashion world in general. I don’t mean to come off as a bitch, but this is all pure hype. She has some decent looks, but she’s not all you people are making her up to be. I have seen a thousand bloggers with more inspiring styles and pinworthy pictures. This Maja Wyh hype is madness and a true phenomena of the blogosphere. There is nothing remotely special about her looks, even though some are quite good, but come on! Again, she and her style are not all you are making it up to be. I don’t believe you really like all those looks, some of them are even god awful, you just want to seem cool.

    • Yenny

      Didn’t even know the “hype” you’re talking about even existed because I only just came across pics of her on pinterest yesterday. I personally really liked them, hence why I decided to share. I wouldn’t post these looks if I didn’t like them enough. Plain and simple. If you think I post what I post because I want to seem cool, then you’re on the wrong blog. Honestly could not care less about coming off as cool.

      • sorry

        I am truly sorry for my comment. I would never post something like what I did. When I said “you just want to seem cool”, I didn’t mean you, but I meant people in general.

        If you want, simply erase this comment, I feel simply horrible about it and I never meant to be rude to you, plus, even if I don’t get what’s there so much to like about her style, I have to tolerate other people’s opinions and tastes and respect them and I wouldn’t like Maja to feel hurt by my comment if she reads this.

  • since im a huge layering lover i find she really can pull this trend to its fullest, always lookin fab. <3

  • SecretFashionPoison

    Great inspirations!! I love all of these looks!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  • sheree

    I just discovered her too…she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I am all about long layers and she is the queen..fallen hard for her!
    Sheree xxx

  • Elisa Taviti

    Perfect style! Love all the looks.

    My Fantabulous World

  • pixelhazard

    So many gorgeous pieces in her wardrobe. Love her winter layering. Definitely checking it out

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  • Bogna

    and what is wrong about simple looks? less is more :) love her

  • lena

    i think she looks great and has a great style!

  • her outfits are beautiful! Now i know how to style for the cold! ;)

  • Dean Corno

    She is amazing! I love her looks. Plain but still so creative.

  • jelena

    greaaat photos

  • pia

    Cute photos and outfits :)

  • You are amazing. Such an inspirational style! Love it :)

  • Bryony

    her style is shuuu-weet. To have that tanned skin and that finer hair! Some people are blessed with err’thing

  • Grace Cottrell

    Your shoe collection is to die for. Love the simplicity of the all-black outfit!

  • Auburn Not Red

    Gosh, she can get away with anything. I like her every look.

  • runway2street

    wow! love her style

  • Amazing – going to check her blog out now!

    xx Nicole

  • So gorgeous, love her style!!

  • MEDBLICK- cristina

    Loving each single look!!

  • zoe

    WOW! your looks are amazing! I love your style xo

    please check out my blog I’m a new blogger.

    -Zoe @

  • Chrissabella

    Wow she really is the queen of layering, love it!

    Greetings from London,

  • Emilie

    Such a gorgeous style!

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  • Kelly Colbert

    Who is the designer of that orange open-back maxi? I LOVE it!!

  • dia

    jes,i like it more as more..every single shot is fab..)

  • jela

    need more info about what she is wearing please…..everywhere. all of it. Lol

    • Hi Jela, for outfit details head to Maja’s blog through the link in the post. Should be all there :)

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