Where I See Fashion

where i see fashionwhere i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashion where i see fashiontumblr_mz935vHAbL1su96nuo1_1280WHERE I SEE FASHION

Fashion from a whole new perspective – WISF delivers just that and it’s brilliant at it too.

  • Man this is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

    Love from London,



  • Blake

    Wow, this is gorgeous. Very inspiring.


  • Wei Ting

    This made me love fashion even more
    Thanks for the inspiring read!


  • Samantha Baldwin


  • This is amazing, very inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing this tumblr, my dash could use some of this awesomeness!


  • brilliant indeed!!

  • nereydaG1003

    Looooove this! I see fashion everywhere too and love to put together outfits based on book covers :)

  • Grace

    Wow what a great post, awesome!!

  • So beautiful! In love with all these inspirations.


  • Feyi A

    Amazing reflection of art in fashion x


  • eleanor

    this was amazingly beautiful!


  • Viktor Man

    I love the pictures. Edgy, cool, amazing. http://www.themanandglam.blogspot.com

  • FramboiseNoire
  • Karina de-Bourne
  • Beautiful photos, love your insight!


  • Natalie

    This is amazing! How long did it take you to find all these images? Did you find the fashion ones first and then look for the others after? I am seriously blown away. Fave post of any blog ever!

    • Yenny

      These matches weren’t done by me but by fashion student Bianca Luini, who runs the tumblr Where I see fashion. You can see more of her awesome matches at her tumblr which is linked in my post above. Glad you liked the post!

  • WISF

    Thank you for this post, I’m so glad you like my blog!

  • Lovisa the Swede

    Yes! This is just how I see fashion, a way of expressioning feelings with colours and style. I’ve collected 7000 pictures on weheartit, and several of these are in my collection, I remember them all!

  • Dreaming of Gypsies

    this was very inspiring and really helped me see fashion and nature in a new perspective. A genius post!


  • Tiara

    this post is incredible! who’s the designer that created that amazing outfit with the goldfish in the backpack?! i have to know, i am just totally and completely obsessed with it. what natalie below me said, this post has really blown me away. i would love to delve into the mind of all of those fashion designers to see where they get their inspiration from. just absolutely amazing!

    • Yenny

      The goldfish backpack is by Cassandra Verity Green, so amazing.

  • These images are incredible!
    So inspiring – thanks for sharing :)

  • Bruna

    absolutly amazed ! I really love your blog, and follow since 2012.
    Can´t get enough!!


    i´m from Brasil!

  • Beauty Follower
  • Laila

    I love this, especially the ones that are related with architecture, why would you say? because Architecture and Fashion are two of my bigest passions and seeing them together makes me feel, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s amazing seing that fashion can tak inspiration from architecture and viceversa!



  • Versetl

    Perfect. So creative.


  • I 100% agree with this- nature and its colors dictate how we create fashion. Excellent combinations xx


  • ColourMeIn SC

    This is beautiful – one of my favourite posts!

  • This is a really cool post, love it! xx

  • Gemma Roberts

    Such powerful imagery. Just shows there really is beauty everywhere you look, and inspiration can be found by just opening your eyes a little wider, to the life around.


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  • I could look at this all day!! Beautiful fashions and imagery!