Beautiful Steps Around the World

Seoul, Korea by Kevin LowrySeoul, South Korea (Ph: Kevin Lowry)

flower steps in ewha, koreaSeoul, South Korea (Ph: Unknown)

16th Avenue & Moraga Street San Francisco - By Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher 16th Avenue, San Francisco16th Avenue, San Francisco (Ph: unknown)

street art on the steps of beirut by dihzahynersBeirut, Lebanon (Ph: Dihzahyners)

Istanbul, TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey (Ph: Mustafa Ozdabak)

Piano stairs in Valparaiso, Chile by Jean-Baptiste YunisValparaiso, Chile (Ph: Jean-Baptiste Yunès)

Claire BensValparaiso, Chile (Ph: Claire Bens)

Sicily, Italy by Andrea AnnaloroSicily, Italy (Ph: Andrea Annaloro)

steps in Angers, France by Mademoiselle MauriceAngers, France (Ph: Mademoiselle Maurice)

stair artLapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Ph: Simona Dinescu)

Tehran, IranTehran, Iran (Ph: Unknown) 

via Bored Panda

I love street art and its power to put a smile on the faces of people who walk past it. So much respect to the artists who create beauty for others to enjoy.

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  • lavieenliz

    this is amazing. this shoes how awesome people are! need to go to all these places


  • http://tohosync.flavors.me/ nyan

    i just had an eyegasm. thanks for sharing! those are wonderful xx

  • Chantel

    Pretty photos.

  • Joyce IJpelaar
  • http://www.thekazlightanthem.blogspot.com Karina de-Bourne

    Absolutely amazing!

  • http://josephiner.com/ Josephine

    I agree with you one hundred percent! this just made me smile and feel joy! thank you!

  • http://justafluffyday.wordpress.com/ Aurélie

    Nice Mashup

  • http://www.bowiebowie.com/ bonnie

    so pretty such a good inspo post

    bon x


  • http://www.coolallure.com/ Cool Allure

    Really Pretty! This is like a new thing, stepsie ! (from selfie)

  • http://thewhimsicalway.wordpress.com/ Emily Webster

    These are amazing. How people get the perspective so accurate, especailly of the roses on in Italy, I will never understand!


  • umesh