studdedhearts inspo 2 Joan Smalls By Solve Sundsbo For Vogue Italia May 2014 studdedhearts inspo 3 studdedhearts inspo 1 vatnajökull, icelandstuddedhearts inspo 4 iceland studdedhearts inspo 5 moon jellyfish in gam island photographed by david doubilet studdedhearts inspo 7 Anais Pouliot by Michael Hauptman for Oyster #104 studdedhearts inspo 9 studdedhearts inspo 11 vogue australia june 2014 - edita vilkeviciute by gilles bensimonNepal - porteurs - Les routiers de l'Himalaya studdedhearts inspo 15 Megan Irwin By Simon Upton For Harper's Bazaar Singapore May 2014 studdedhearts inspo 16 Angela Lindvall By Tom Craig For Porter #2 Summer 2014 studdedhearts inspo 17 sanne-and-michelle-by-yonrick-nube studdedhearts inspo 18 Austin Victoria at Next LA studdedhearts inspo 20 bette-franke-david-roemer studdedhearts inspo 8studdedhearts inspo 21 nikki for american apparel studdedhearts inspo 22 Isabelle’s mouth by Nando Esparza studdedhearts inspo 23 studdedhearts inspo 24 Elina by Eddie New studdedhearts inspo 25 kane lehanneur studdedhearts inspo 26 charlotte carey studdedhearts inspo 27 Liu Wen By Daniel Riera For Wsj May 2014 studdedhearts inspo 28 lindsey wixson sleeping studdedhearts inspo 29 Kaya by Tim Barber for NY Mag studdedhearts inspo 31studdedhearts inspo 30 amelia zadro by sarah stedeford studdedhearts inspo 33 stephanie cam studdedhearts inspo 35 Surf at Blacks by Laurent_Imagery on Flickr studdedhearts inspo 36 kim noorda studdedhearts inspo 37 studdedhearts inspo 38 ayako comte by michael comte studdedhearts inspo 39 jude law and matt damon studdedhearts inspo 40 Anna Selezneva By Ben Weller For Twin Spring Summer 2014 studded hearts inspiration moodboard brydie mack wolfcub noe 2 studded hearts inspiration moodboard brydie mack wolfcub noe 1studdedhearts inspo 44 studdedhearts inspo 47 studdedhearts inspo 48 taj mahal by pablo rogat

Vogue Italia · National Geographic · David Doubilet ·Oyster · Bruno Morandi · Jean Baptiste-Mondino · Vogue Australia · Harper’s Bazaar Singapore · Porter · Yonrick Nube · David Roemer · American Apparel · Nando Esparza · Eddie New · Kane Lehanneur · WSJ · Tim Barber · Sarah Stedeford · Margaux Lonneberg · Laurent Imagery · Michael Comte · Twin · Wolfcub

I love curating moodboard posts. Every time I put together one and look over it, I feel like the curation of images reflect my exact current mood without me having any intention to do so…

Head to the Studded Hearts pinterest & tumblr for more inspiration.

Y x

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  • ygriega

    what a great post of travel inspo!
    Summer is near

  • Chantel

    Amazing photos!!!

  • Dominique

    these pictures are so beautifull…



  • monkeyshines
  • http://le-gypsetaffair.blogspot.com.br/ Hanna V

    these took my breath away, very inspiring!

  • Midori

    I was looking at your Girls Crush board on pinterest to find out some of the amazign faces on this moodboard and I just realized we have almost the same girl crushes (my board is called Midori’s Beauty Inspiration) O_O I had a crush with the model just before Charlotte Carey! BEAUTIFUL! Lovely post! xxx

    • Yenny

      I have so many girl crushes, its almost hard to catch up but I love Charlotte, especially after she went blonde! x

      • Midori

        She is amazing!!! But I think my biggest crush was with Teresa Oman!

  • Laila

    Love all the pictures! great source of inspiration! xoxo


  • http://analeote.blogspot.pt/ Ana Leote

    Beautiful pictures!

    Ana Leote