billabong outtakes

S01_MultiStraplessswim1_119_2 S01_MultiStraplessswim1_144_2-001 S01_MultiStraplessswim1_232_2 S02_BlueSwim1_031_2 S03_AndyDavisPinkSwim1_134_2 S03_AndyDavisPinkSwim1_180_2 S04_WhiteDressYelShirt_236_2 S04_WhiteDressYelShirt_240_2 S05_DenimDress_107_2 S08_FloralStringyBikini_067_2 S09_FloralWhiteDress_073_2 S11_FloralShirt_003_2 S11_FloralShirt_044_2 S12_FloralBikini_043_2 S13_BW_SnakeskinBikini_078_2 S13_BW_SnakeskinBikini_081_2 S25_WhiteTasselTop_051_2 S27_VivaLaPlaya_007_2 S31_PurplePatternStringsBikini_028_2 S31_PurplePatternStringsBikini_042_2 S33_Serape_039_2

Outtakes from the Billabong Summer 13 shoot
Ph: Zoey Grossman, Stylist: Conor Graham, Hair & Makeup: Stacey Tan, Model: Zippy Seven

Super stoked to share these beautiful outtakes from the latest Billabong Summer shoot! I love the work of everyone who worked on this shoot and have previously featured their stuff so I hope you enjoy it too.

Gah why did Summer have to be so short…