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good vibes

Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg09Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg02 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg04 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg06 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg07 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg08 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg10 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg11 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg12 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg14 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg15 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg16 Planet-Blue-Lookbook-Good-Fcking-Vibes-pg17

Planet Blue lookbook
Ph: Pierre Toussaint, Styling: Sarah Peinado, Hair & Make-up: Stacey Tan, Model: Abby Brothers

You can shop the pieces from this beautiful lookbook here.


the inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners 12 The Inbetweeners 10 The Inbetweeners 9 The Inbetweeners 8 The Inbetweeners 7 The Inbetweeners 1 The Inbetweeners 3 The Inbetweeners 4 The Inbetweeners 5 The Inbetweeners 6The Inbetweeners 13Planet Blue‘s latest lookbook


lost lifetime

2012.11 - Lost Lifetime #1

Planet Blue Fall lookbook
Ph: Zoey Grossman, Styling: Sarah Peinado, Make-up: Stacey Tan, Hair: Ramsell Martinez, Model: Sarah Stephens

Aussie model Sarah Stephens is a major babe.



love at last sight

2012.7 - Love At Last Sight #11

Planet Blue lookbook
Ph: Zoey Grossman, Stylig: Sarah Peinado, Hair & Make-up: Stacey Tan